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Creative & Therapeutic Workshops

The creative and therapeutic art workshops I facilitate, reduces stress and anxiety, encourages creative thinking and enhances problem solving skills. The workshops  allow participants’ to be expressive through art and help develop their confidence by encouraging them to open up and take risks through learning new skills and techniques.
Through these workshops participants'  develop skills such as communication, social, and motor skills, and gain a sense of independence.

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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Social and English Language Development

The creative art workshops for refugees and asylum seekers develop communication and English language skills through different mediums, textures and experiences. The creative art workshops provide an environment that enable participants to work socially and learn from each other. 

This helps participants’ build confidence by encouraging them to open up and take risks through learning new skills and techniques.

Mental Health & Learning Difficulties

Sensory and Expressive

Inclusive workshop activities are planned to develop communication and self expression through sensory art and movement.
I also facilitate repetitive activities, such as sewing and paper folding to improve participants' concentration skills that calms the mind.


Confidence Building and Fine Motor Control Development

I provided puppet making workshops for pupils to develop their fine motor control skills. Pupils were able to develop their fine motor skills through making a variety of types of puppets then able to further continue to develop the fin motor control skills through playing with the puppets.

I facilitated workshops for key stage 1 pupils to develop confidence through creating costumes and encouraging them to open up and take risks through learning new skills and techniques, within a safe and structured environment.  This included experimenting with food to coincide with the class topic.

Creative Workshops: Lessons

My Background

Helen Hughes BA (Hons)

Creative Arts Practitioner

& Participatory Artist

My passion is art and improving people´s well-being. Experienced in facilitating creative art workshops, for diverse audiences, activities range from arts, crafts and movement.  I specialise in Participatory Art and Documentation Art, connecting people through art and documenting their experiences. I am also a member of both Pontypridd Art Society and Crochet Club.

I am based in Pontypridd, South Wales, and available for one to one and group sessions which are flexible and tailored to the participants’ needs.

Creative Workshops: About

Participatory & Documentation Art

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Creative Workshops: Gallery

"Helen is a very observant, caring individual who develops positive, professional relationships. She responds to individuals needs with empathy and thought, putting their learning and experience at the heart of everything she does"

 Linzi Robinson

Creative Workshops: Testimonials
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